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About the Sauce

Jason’s Fire Fusions started by popular demand. Jason was growing some very hot peppers, ones too hot to be eaten whole by most normal human beings. So he started experimenting with basic hot sauce recipes he found online. Realizing that none of them were interesting, or even very good, he threw out the rule book and started experimenting. With his fridge and pantry quickly overflowing with bottles, he started giving it away to friends. Word started spreading, and soon friends of friends wanted to get bottles of their own. Requests were coming from around the country.
This sparked a fire in Jason’s brain/beard. Fast forward through a few months of refining and perfecting,  he now has a line of unique gourmet, curated hot sauces for sale.
The sauces are deliberately made to be as healthy as possible, with no more salt than is absolutely necessary. All sauces are hand-made by Jason himself in small batches, using just a blender, 2 pots, a ladle, and a funnel. Jason insists upon using fresh ingredients, so almost everything that goes into his sauces come from local farmers’ markets. They are hand selected by Jason for peak freshness and ripeness, because the best ingredients make the best tasting sauce. They are natural, non GMO and gluten free.

There are many hot sauces out there with lots of flavor, but little heat, and many with a ton of heat, but little flavor. Jason’s sauces combine the best of both worlds, giving crazy amounts of flavor, with the perfect amount of heat. Jason wouldn’t put his name (and face) on the bottle if he didn’t think his hot sauces awesome. He hopes you agree.

The sauces are made at:

4450 Pet lane Suite 107
Lutz, FL 33559

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About Jason

Jason is a nerd and proud of it. Before he began making hot sauce he was first a theoretical physics major, switched to civil engineering, and then industrial engineering. Eventually he realized that the confines of an office was not for him.  He’d rather concentrate on his passion, bringing his love of good food and science together and making crazy good hot sauce.

Jason is also a judo black belt, and practices Brazilian Jujitsu. He is happily married to Crissy, his amazing wife, who was born in Trinidad (which is also the source of the world’s hottest peppers). He is somewhat of a perfectionist, but he thinks that’s a good thing when it comes to life, and making hot sauce.